Advanced Semiconductor Process Technologies - 2 DAY WORKSHOP [DAY 1]

MY 5-8 | Level 1A | MITEC Monday, May 06
9:00am to 5:00pm
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Semiconductor processing technologies have advanced rapidly over the last decade, and such is not possible without the continuous improvement in the production tool, and cleanroom control. To attain ULSI and integrated circuits (ICs) with varied functionalities, performances and reliabilities; complex process know-how, advanced fabrication techniques, start-of-the-art technologies, devising of novel devices, and the continuous search for new materials are all inevitable. An in-depth understanding of these deep-submicron process technologies and ULSI devices are definitely crucial, not only for better understanding but also to serve as the essential background for the ever important technology invention and further development in the areas.

What You Will Learn

  • Essential substrate and device electrical properties for continuous engineering improvement
  • Current and future scaling technology challenges in device size, power usage and pricing
  • Substrate preparation technology, layout design processes and cleanroom requirements
  • Advance planar and 3D IC device fabrication technology below 22nm technology node
  • Trends of die packaging and testing include SoC, SiP and 3D integration technology

Course Content For Day 1

Substrate and Device Electrical Properties

  • Important concept of silicon as substrate material
  • Essential diode, BJT and MOS electrical properties

Current and Future Semiconductor Scaling Technology Challenges 

  • Evolution of silicon based device integration technology
  • Strained silicon and SOI technologies for speed improvement
  • Scaling technology challenges in power and MOS structure
  • 3D transistor of FinFET for beyond 22nm technology node
  • Fabrication technologies and current offered foundry services

Substrate Preparation Technology 

  • Important of substrate sizes and die costing
  • Silicon substrate preparation processes
  • Polished silicon substrate surface inspection method

Integrated circuit Layout Design Processes

  • Basic design steps of integrated circuit
  • Design rules, active and passive device layout design

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