CXO Speaks Powering 5G [2]

Hall 4 | Level 1 | MITEC Wednesday, May 13
9:30am to 12:30pm
Registration Fee Applicable

With the megatrends in this digital age, the semiconductor industry has leapfrogged to more than USD400 billion in less than 4 years and is projected to surpass the USD500 billion milestone by 2020.  Considering the industry took 13 years to grow USD100 billion from 2000 to 2013, the significance of the growth experienced over past years is phenomenal. How does a measured electronics industrial policy help shapes the domestic capabilities to capture business opportunities afforded by this huge growth of the semiconductor industry in foreseeable future?

What are the gaps, if any and, opportunities for enhancement of the existing policy that would be reflective a more comprehensive perspectives on steps required to build a vibrant and thriving E&E sector? Governments and policy makers would need to  create a strong foundation to pave the way to capture the growth, however, a proactive approach from the industry will be the way to take the policy forward, and to bring up real competitive advantage.

This CxO Speaks provide a perfect platform to hear the challenges raised and opportunities arises in mapping an industrial policies taking into considerations of both the government bodies and industry perspectives. It serves to provide a deep insights into building a resilient and growing electronics industry for Malaysia.



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