Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Manufacturing Forum (4)

MY 11 | Level 1A | MITEC Thursday, May 09
9:30am to 3:00pm
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Theme: Sustainability Manufacturing for Higher Productivity and Lower Cost of Ownership in Semiconductor Production

Synopsis: Manufacturing in high technology industry inadvertently is heading for a revolutionary transformation with major advances in enabling innovations addressing energy efficiencies and clean emissions in electronics manufacturing.

Sustainability has for past being view as a secondary concern is not receiving much needed attention as semiconductor companies advanced in their corporate social responsibility towards environment protection. In so called ‘green’ manufacturing of reducing pollution, recycling and reusing of what is considered waste and reducing energy consumption is starting to gain momentum in the Southeast manufacturing regions. New ways of thinking of green semiconductor manufacturing is offering, apart from a sustainable environment, also a considerable competitive advantage to semiconductor companies through cost savings.

Both sustainability and energy efficient manufacturing yields benefits not only in terms of an improved bottom line, but in terms of employee motivation, morale, and public relations. This forum offers a unique view points of the opportunities available in tackling both of these important elements in high technology semiconductor manufacturing of today.

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- Ms Laura Nguyen, SEMI(HQ) - SEMI Standards and Sustainable Manufacturing
- Mr Immanuel Edward J.A, Globalfoundries - Energy Reduction Journey through continuous Improvement & Low Carbon Innovative Process Change
- Mr Veeru Kata, Schneider Electric - What Value can Digitzation of the Electrical Distribution bring to Semiconductor Fabs Managers
- Ir Johnson Tan, Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd - Digitalization in Facility Management Control System



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Ms. Laura NGUYEN
Senior Coordinator, International Standards
Dr. Tsutomu TSUKADA
Technical Development/General Manager
Kanken Techno Co., Ltd., Japan
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