Boost Operational Efficiency with Distributed Systems Management

Thursday, May 09
2:25pm to 2:50pm

Are you ready to implement the Industrial Internet of Things in your manufacturing environment? This technology revolution is more than just a vision or a trend. It is here today, and here to stay. IoT builds the central nervous system of a smarter world with devices that can sense and interact with us throughout our daily lives. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) expands on this concept through advancement in connectivity and embeds more sensors, intelligence, analytics, and business insight into industrial systems, but this revolution does not come without challenges. 

Whether you call this trend the Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, or Cyber Physical Systems, there is an opportunity for each of us to add even more value to our companies and communities and to do some truly amazing things by building on a new wave of technology. Over 35,000 companies each year use the platform-based approach for applications that are making the Industrial IoT a reality; smart measurements at the edge, smart power generation, smart machines, smart tools and devices, smart test systems, and even smart factories. 

During this presentation, we will share some of our insights on key trends impacting the semiconductor industry due to the burst in these IoT technologies and explore some innovative applications that are taking advantage of a platform-based approach and advancements in technologies such as processors and FPGAs, wireless connectivity, low-cost sensing, and software. We will also learn to use these mentioned technologies to connect, deploy, and manage distributed test and measurement systems; configure and monitor health and performance; search, manage, analyze and report outs; visualize data and remote cloud-based operations; as well as monitoring test status, results, and operational parameters.

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