SMT Assembly Process - 2 DAY WORKSHOP [DAY 1]

MY 1-4 | Level 1A | MITEC Monday, May 06
9:00am to 5:00pm
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The course introduces SMT process and back-end assembly with understanding of the terminologies in SMT with acquisition of SMT materials and equipment. Introduction to the industry standard used which is IPC, JDEC and MSL and SMT defect process trouble-shooting guides would be taught in the class well.

What You Will Learn

  • SMT process flow
  • Stencil design
  • Solder paste printing
  • Pick and place
  • Reflow soldering
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing
  • SMT process defects and remedies

Course Content For Day 1

1. Basic SMT Process Flow

Direct and indirect materials used in SMT

  • Solder paste, epoxy, fluxes, cleaning chemicals, under fills, ACP, active and passive devices
  • Chemical, mechanical and physical properties
  • Bill of material, technical data sheet, and material safety data sheet

Process Flow of SMT Hybrid

  • Single sided, double sided, high mix hybrid assemblies and the FA tree analysis charts

Component identification and size

  • Imperial and metric systems on chips as well as IC packages terminology and nomenclature

Solder paste type and particle size

  • SAC305,405 and low temperature paste as well as type 1-6 particle and fluxes type (RA,RMA,WS)
  • Latest technology on solder paste Game- Changer manufactured by Henkel

2. Stencil Design

Stencil selection, types like laser cut, E-form, etc., fabrication methodology, design aspects and area ratios and 3D stencil for solder paste and glue

Group Work: Cold Sweat United Airlines - Taguchi Fishbone Diagram

3. Solder Paste printing

Machine overview

  • Types of printer air bag and open type printers, solder paste jetting, and dispensing

Squeegee materials and selection

  • Metal vs rubber squeegee, Rheometric pump squeegee

Solder paste printing

  • Stencil vs solder paste printing design guidelines

Setup and operation

  • Printer parameter settings and overview on Taguchi fishbone diagram on printing setup

4. Pick and Place Process 

Types of mounters

  • Modular, rotary turret, and single axis mounters

Selection criteria in selection of a mounter

  • UPH, maintenance easibility, spare parts, ROI and interchangeability features of a mounter

Key criteria for a good mount

  • IPC 610A Std and JDEC
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