Southeast Asia Investment Forum [SAIF]

MySpace 2 | Level 3 | MITEC Wednesday, May 08
1:30pm to 5:00pm
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South East Asia is a vibrant hub of electronics manufacturing. From IC’s, components and micro assemblies to finished consumer and industrial electronic products, Southeast Asia is a major supplier meeting the demands of the world markets. With excellent IP protection, to deep manufacturing know-how and a competitive engineering talent, foreign direct investments for the electronics segment has grown significantly over the years. The fact that Southeast Asian countries also offer the twin benefits of geographical proximity to major markets like China and India and relatively low labor costs, further help in making countries such as Malaysia,Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines natural homes for foreign high tech manufacturers wanting to relocate their Asian bases.


With recent global uncertainty development especially in the emergence of global protectionism policies, there is strong indications that electronics manufacturers are deeply evaluating mid and longer term impacts of these measures and are seeking a deeper understanding of the attractiveness of Southeast Asia’s High Technology Parks in the region.


SEMICON SEA’s Southeast Asia Investment forum  is intended to provide global electronics players a platform to understand the technology parks in the region and aspire to provide an overview of the incentives and policies that is shaping the electronics segment development in these countries. This year we are delighted to have representation from Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines as well as banking institutions as well as legal to speak on the broad incentives and FDI structuring for FDI into the electronics manufacturing sector. In addition, through SEMICON Southeast Asia, there will also be a platform to assist potential delegation in a business mission visit to participating High Technology Industrial Parks.



东南亚是充满活力的理想电子制造业枢纽。从集成电路,元器件和微装配到成品消费和工业电子产品,东南亚是满足世界市场需求的主要供应商。多年来,凭借出色的知识产权保护,深厚的制造技术和具有竞争力的技术人才, 电子领域的外商直接投资有了显著的增长。事实上,东南亚国家也提供了地理上靠近中国和印度等主要市场以及相对较低的劳动力成本的双重便利,这进一步帮助如马来西亚,越南,泰国和菲律宾等国家成为那些想要在亚洲设立基地的外国高科技制造商的理想家园。




SEMICON SEA的东南亚投资论坛旨在为全球电子企业提供一个了解该地区科技园区的平台,并希望以此提供这些国家电子市场发展的相关激励措施和政策的概况。今年,我们很荣幸能邀请到来自越南,马来西亚和菲律宾以及相关银行和法律机构的代表共聚此论坛,他们会就外商直接投资(在电子制造业领域)的广泛激励措施及外商直接投资结构发表意见。此外,通过SEMICON SEA这一平台, 我们将协助潜在的商业代表团参观并访问该地区的高科技工业园区。



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Dato' Seri LEE Kah Choon
Special Investment Advisor to the Chief Minister of Penang and Director of investPenang
Invest-in-Penang Berhad, Malaysia
Ms. Sharon TEO
Head Of Commercial, Industrial & B2B
UEM Sunrise Berhad, Malaysia
Mr. NGUYEN Duc Huy
Deputy Manager/Department of Investment promotion
Board of Management of Saigon Hi-tech Park, Vietnam
Ms. PHUONG Thi Thu Thuy
Deputy Director/ FDI Corporate Banking Department
JSC Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam - Vietcombank, Vietnam
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