Technology Innovation Forum - Digitalization in the New Era of Manufacturability [2]

MY 9-10 | Level 1A | MITEC Wednesday, May 13
9:00am to 5:00pm
Registration Fee Applicable

*Programs and Topics are subject to change without prior notice

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Track Theme: Digitalization in the New Era of Manufacturability

Digitalization is powering innovation in the high-tech manufacturing, we witness the vast benefits it brings to the early adopters, with significant improvement in product quality, manufacturing efficiency, workforce health and safety, alongside with tremendous potential in skillset upgrading. The process of deriving to smart manufacturing is a journey, but surely a deserving effort.

In this forum, key opinion leaders share their insights on this journey and the various solutions in the key aspects of innovation.
Learn the best practices in data security and communication, machine learning with real-time processing  methodologies, assets management with profit optimization.

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