SEMICON SEA 2020 Technical Forums Go Virtual!

SEMICON SEA 2020 Technical Forums Go Virtual!

Thought Leadership Exchange at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2020 Webinars

SEMICON Southeast Asia is the ideal place to discover the technologies and trends that are driving advances in microelectronics to electronics manufacturing. In our series of technology and business webinars, you will find ideas and solutions to your challenges and take away the information you need to advance your projects, innovations, and companies into the future.

The SEMI Southeast Asia Team works closely with their supporting committees and the manufacturing and R&D organizations to develop programs to match the specific needs of Southeast Asia's microelectronics and electronics ecosystem.

Learn insights from renowned international technology leaders at the following virtual technology webinars!

Technology Innovation Forum [1] 

Theme: Digitalization in the New Era of Manufacturability

Digitalization is powering innovation in the high-tech manufacturing, we witness the vast benefits it brings to the early adopters, with significant improvement in product quality, manufacturing efficiency, workforce health and safety, alongside with tremendous potential in skillset upgrading. The process of deriving to smart manufacturing is a journey, but surely a deserving effort. In this forum, key opinion leaders share their insights on this journey and the various solutions in the key aspects of innovation. Learn the best practices in data security and communication, machine learning with real-time processing methodologies, assets management with profit optimization.

Advanced Packaging Forum [2]

Theme: Heterogeneous Integration & Challenges in System Scaling and Performance in the 5G Era

As we are entering into an exciting era of digital transformation, to a world of new experience, we will witness the promise of 5G with seamless data transfer. It will couple with innovation of smart devices, accelerating the growth in connectivity, smart data analytics and artificial intelligence. With 5G technology in the works, demand for seamless data transfer and processing will only accelerate the growth. Having a super-powered device with multi-functions is an essential in this age. Device manufacturability with high level of integration will demand new requirements moving forward. In this need for integration, semiconductor packaging in being pushed to the fore front as a solution for performance, flexibility and cost. Heterogeneous Integration in SiP or modules is one of the most discussed solution given the multiple challenges. At this forum, we provide a platform for key opinion leaders from the industry to share the best practices and their innovative solutions to overcome these challenges. Learn the various packaging and assembly techniques that will guide you to resolve your technical challenges and exchange your perspectives at this interactive platform.

Testing & Yield Analysis Forum [3]

Theme: Device & System Level Test Challenges and Advancement for High-Performance Applications

Disruptive technologies bring the world into the new era of digitalization. With the rise in demand for such functionalities in applications like automotive, wireless communication, CMOS image sensors and IoT connectivity; stringent test & reliability requirements are expected. Test challenges in automotive System-on-Chips, high-density memory test challenges and emerging technologies such as 5G testing will be discussed in this forum. The forum will explore ways in the aspects on improving test efficiencies, metrology for yield enhancement and data predictability.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Manufacturing Forum [4]

Theme: Sustainability Manufacturing for Higher Productivity and Lower Cost of Ownership in Semiconductor Production

Manufacturing in high technology industry inadvertently is heading for a revolutionary transformation with major advances in enabling innovations addressing energy efficiencies and clean emissions in electronics manufacturing. Sustainability has for past being view as a secondary concern is not receiving much needed attention as semiconductor companies advanced in their corporate social responsibility towards environment protection. In so called ‘green’ manufacturing of reducing pollution, recycling and reusing of what is considered waste and reducing energy consumption is starting to gain momentum in the Southeast manufacturing regions. New ways of thinking of green semiconductor manufacturing is offering, apart from a sustainable environment, also a considerable competitive advantage to semiconductor companies through cost savings. Both sustainability and energy efficient manufacturing yields benefits not only in terms of an improved bottom line, but in terms of employee motivation, morale, and public relations. This forum offers a unique view points of the opportunities available in tackling both of these important elements in high technology semiconductor manufacturing of today.

The Call for Abstract is now closed! 
Selected speakers will be notified in mid June 2020.

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