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Trends and Technology Exchange Platforms at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2021
"Powering Innovation - 5G and Beyond"

SEMICON Southeast Asia is the ideal place to discover the technologies and trends that are driving advances in microelectronics to electronics manufacturing. In our series of technology and business forums, you will find ideas and solutions to your challenges and take away the information you need to advance your projects, innovations, and companies into the future.

The SEMI Southeast Asia Team works closely with their supporting committees and the manufacturing and R&D organizations to develop programs to match the specific needs of Southeast Asia's microelectronics and electronics ecosystem.

The microelectronics industry is surging in innovation with 5G on the leading edge and semiconductors transforming the way we work by powering digital transformation. 5G is much more than the next generation of wireless connectivity. The powerful technology delivers greater bandwidth to increase download speeds and reduce power consumption, taking wireless communications far beyond the individual user to a broad spectrum of machine-to-machine applications that promise to transform areas such as healthcare, agriculture, mobility, connectivity, robotics, imaging and sensor monitoring.

Yet gearing up for 5G hardware and software growth poses many challenges for materials, foundries, design, testing and other sectors within the semiconductor supply chain. To help overcome these hurdles, SEMICON Southeast Asia 2021 will gather the 5G ecosystem including visionaries from industry, government and finance to share their visions and ways the industry must come together to fulfill the promise of 5G worldwide.

Join us and learn insights from renowned international technology leaders at the following exchange tracks. Read the synopses below:

By significantly increasing data throughput, reducing latency and cutting energy consumption for wireless data transmissions, 5G opens a new world of business and consumer applications as well as opportunities for chip designers. Discover how 5G is influencing silicon design, chip manufacturing and the IC ecosystem.

Growing demand for greater reliability, efficiency, and compact power systems are fueling the adoption of new materials and processes. Learn about the everincreasing challenges in process complexity, contamination control, defect reduction and scaling in semiconductor manufacturing.

With a significant increase in speed and bandwidth, the deployment of infrastructure and coverage is a major challenge. Hence, technology and telecommunications providers are working to tackle challenges in wireless communications including signal spectrum, data transmission protocols, security and compatibility of diverse networks.

Cloud computing is being redefined as the confluence of edge computing, fog and the cloud. In every stage different requirements are applied to AI. For example, edge computing requires mostly customized pre trained low power AI (extreme and/or edge AI) to enable edge node decisions in-situ, while the full breadth AI will happen in the fog and cloud.

IoT, edge computing, edge or extreme AI, and sensor networks integrated with edge nodes to power devices such as automobiles, drones and robots together are enabling a level of autonomous mobility never seen before. Similar evolution is happening at the environmental level. The combination of both will drive smart mobility to unimagined heights.

Theme: Transformation of Heterogeneous Integration in Advanced Packaging

Heterogeneous Integration is about putting together different devices and components into a single package to produce product with higher performance and functionality. Today, the demand for digital transformation is ever increasing. Innovation in IOT, smart devices, 5G data transfer, data analytics, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence has been accelerated. This translates into a transformation of Heterogeneous Integration from std SMT to advanced packaging level in order to meet the requirements of various applications. The challenges is not only in miniaturization but also in manufacturability and cost competitiveness. Hence new innovations in assembly, test, materials and testing solutions are being developed continuously to meet this demand. This track provides a platform for key industry leaders to share the latest requirements , innovations and roadblocks in heterogeneous integration at advanced packaging level.

Theme: Adopting Artificial Intelligence in the Next Generation Test & Yield

As silicon technology and design become ever more complexed, defect modes are increasingly more complexed as well. As a result, it drives more elaborate testing and test flows to provide the appropriate test coverage, to ensure the products meeting quality goals. But it also opens up opportunities to innovate, specifically the adoption of big data analytics, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to make testing more efficient and effective. This track will explore these innovations as well as next generation 5G wireless test challenges and the new RITdb (Rich Interactive Test database) datalogging standard.

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Call for Abstracts is now Open!

Demonstrate Your Technology Solutions at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2021.

If you are an expert in 5G and semiconductors or can share case studies, you are invited to submit an abstract for a technical physical or virtual presentation in any of the above 5G technology tracks.

You are also welcome to submit your paper for the Advanced Packaging and Test & Yield Analysis tracks for ASTC2021 in November.

Presentations are to be non-commercial and focus on technical merits of the solution. Selected speakers will be notified by 15 May 2021.

Benefits of Presenting at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2021

  • Share your latest technologies and solutions with the industry
  • Position your company as a technology leader
  • Network with your target audience during your presentation
  • Engage in in-depth discussions with your target audience
  • Selected speakers receive a complimentary All-in-One Pass to the event

Call for Abstract will close on 30 April 2021. Submit your abstract HERE.

For any questions, please contact [email protected]