Transforming the Southeast Asia Semiconductor Landscape for the New Hybrid Age

Much is made these days about the ‘Internet of Things’ — a growing body of technologies that are connecting people, information, and machines in exponential new ways — but few have articulated what IoT means for manufacturing. The truth is, getting to an IoT-enabled future will require the same kind of human innovation and engineering that transformed the transistor into the enabling technology of today’s information age.

SEMICON Southeast Asia, the region’s premier platform for engaging microelectronics manufacturing technology, provides exceptional opportunities to learn and share information about the latest developments in microelectronics leading to the vast business opportunities in IoT.

In 2016, not only we are enhancing visitors and exhibitors' experience through the enablement of semiconductor technologies via Mobile Application, we provide you with the latest insights in the development to the enablement.

(i) IoT & Security/Encryption Technologies

(ii) Automation Forum on Backend adoption

(iii) Supply Chain for High Tech Manufacturing

(iv) Impacts of WLP on System Integrators

(v) WLP & Chip-in PCB on EMS Development and challenges                                                                                                                                                                           

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Save the date — April 26-28, 2016 — and see you SEMICON Southeast Asia 2016!


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